Our Recycling (Waste Processing) ServicesDismantling and Removal

Dismantling and Removal Work

How it is Done

  • A steel tower is dismantled using a large crane.A steel tower is dismantled using a large crane.
  • Large communications items are removed.Large communications items are removed.
  • The underground facility is also dismantled and removed.The underground facility is also dismantled and removed.

Processing Flow


The workflow for dismantling and removal is shown below.

  • STEP 01Analysis (Preliminary Examination)

    We seek to ascertain the state of industrial waste received from each customer.
    ・We ascertain the content, volume and nature of each item.
    ・We check processes and methods.
    ・A sample is analyzed if necessary.
    ・Sometimes a sample is processed to verify processing workflow and recycling rate.
  • STEP 02Proposal

    The recycling workflow and a cost estimate are presented.
    ・We suggest methods, processes and work schedules.
    ・We present the recycling workflow (including secondary processing) for each item.
    ・We explain the unit price for each type of processing, including other conditions.
  • STEP 03Contract

    A service agreement and industrial waste processing services agreement are signed.
    ・We can also provide an additional memorandum (i.e. confidentiality clause) if required.
    ・We present the necessary information for the agreement required by laws and ordinances, etc.
  • STEP 04Commencement of Work

    ・Safety procedures are checked with employees and personnel from cooperating companies (KY Activity).
    ・A briefing is held regarding the daily schedule and personnel and work details are checked.
    ・CFC removal and work processes are managed appropriately.
    ・Industrial waste is recovered (collection and transportation).
    ・Industrial waste is appropriately recycled (disposal).
  • STEP 05Management of Each Type of Industrial Waste Data

    ・Industrial waste is managed using the industrial waste manifest system.
    ・CFC processing manifest management.
    ・Photographic data, disposal certificates and various other certificates are issued and managed.