Sanyo Syoji Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") is aware of the importance of protecting customers' personal information.
Here we will explain how the Company or our agents manage and use personal information, and how it is protected on this website.

1. Management of Personal Information
The Company shall establish a system for the appropriate protection and management of personal information, determine in-house rules regarding the appropriate acquisition, use and provision of personal information, and comply with such rules.
2. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
When acquiring and using personal information, the Company shall clarify what it will be used for, and, in addition to handling such personal information appropriately within the scope that is necessary to achieve the specified use, shall formulate measures to prevent its use outside of such use.
3. Provision of Personal Information
The Company shall not provide or disclose personal information to any third party other than to those whom the person who has provided such personal information has agreed to beforehand.
4. Outsourcing of Personal Information
In some cases the Company may outsource the personal information it has acquired for the purpose of sending direct mail and for data processing, etc.
When outsourcing such activities, the Company shall select an enterpriser that satisfies the safety standards set by the Company with regard to the protection of personal information, and shall manage and monitor them appropriately.
5. Personal Information Security
In addition to implementing appropriate security measures to prevent improper access to personal information, and the risk of destroying, damaging, altering or leaking, etc., personal information, when the Company deems it necessary to make improvements, the Company shall promptly make such changes.
6. Complaints and Inquiries about Personal Information
The Company shall establish a service desk to deal with any complaints or inquiries from the individual concerned with regard to the handling of personal information and shall respond appropriately.
7. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
The Company shall comply with laws and ordinances, guidelines determined by the state, and other regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
8. Ongoing Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System
The Company shall establish a personal information protection management system to ensure the appropriate ongoing protection of personal information, shall carry out regular audits of its state of operation, and shall endeavor to make ongoing improvements.
  • Newly Enacted: April 1, 2007
  • Latest Revision: September 1, 2008

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