Characteristics of Sanyo SyojiComparison with Conventional Waste Processing Systems

Comparison with Conventional Waste Processing System

Conventional System

  • Machinery/EquipmentMachinery/Equipment
  • DestructionDestruction
  • Carry
  • LandfillLandfill
  • Partial Recovery of MetalsPartial Recovery of Metals
  • Recycling (Resource Recovery)Recycling (Resource Recovery)

Our Waste Processing System

  • Machinery/EquipmentMachinery/Equipment
  • Machinery/Equipment
    Manual Disassembly/Decomposition, Functional Disabling, Data Erasure

    Materials are sorted by hand during disassembly. Custom-made equipment is used to render machinery/equipment inoperable and destroy data.

    Machinery/Equipment Manual Disassembly/Decomposition, Functional Disabling, Data Erasure

  • Items are sorted by material type.Items are sorted by material type.
  • High recycling rate (resource recovery).High recycling rate (resource recovery).
  • Realization of Zero Emissions.

Process Overview

Conventional System

  • • Everything is pulverized together and precious metals are sorted/recovered using magnets, blowers or gravity.
  • • Nonferrous metals and plastics that cannot be separated are disposed of as they are in landfills.

Our Waste Processing System

  • Each item is disassembled by hand (partially destroyed), carefully broken down/sorted and sold at wholesale to specialized dealers.


Conventional System

  • • Large volumes of waste can be processed quickly.

Our Waste Processing System

  • Resource recovery rate (recycling rate) is higher.
  • Each material has a higher added value.
  • The confidentiality of each company is completely retained.
  • Industrial waste can be reduced to near zero.


Conventional System

  • •Recycling rate is low and a large volume of waste has to go into landfills, which places a great burden on the environment.
  • •There is no way of ensuring data security for the confidential information of each company.
  • •Landfill disposal fees are expected to rise due to the lack of final disposal sites.

Our Waste Processing System

  • Acquisition of skills and specialized knowledge is required.
  • We have management and training systems run by skilled workers.


With conventional waste processing for machinery and equipment, after pulverization, some precious metals and ferrous metals are recovered, but most of the rest of the waste is disposed of in landfills. With such a system, there are problems, such as the lack of final disposition sites, as well as environmental contamination and pollution.

Furthermore, there is no way of securing important confidential information during disposal.

Sanyo Syoji disassembles all machinery/equipment by hand.
By carefully disassembling and sorting parts one by one, we make effective use of resources as we aim to achieve zero emissions.

We also have a proprietary information processing system for handling personal and confidential information stored in machinery and equipment.