Characteristics of Sanyo SyojiWorkplace Safety

OHSAS18001 helps to protect our employees from injury and sickness.

The greatest responsibility that a company has is to create a work environment in which employees can feel secure.
We brainstorm together with all of our workers to identify potential causes of danger, and then work to implement strategies to mitigate such dangers. Every month we have a test to check employee knowledge regarding waste processing.

Furthermore, we are also working to develop a training system to prevent accidents and implement other measures to improve driver manners.
We hold small group meetings on a daily basis to enhance awareness regarding safety issues.

  • A scene from our 2nd Knowledge Test.A scene from our 2nd Knowledge Test.
  • Driver safety training.Driver safety training.

ISO14001/OHSAS18001 Integrated Management System Certification Acquired

ISO14001/OHSAS18001 Integrated Management System Certification Acquired

Basic Philosophy
The achievement of following points is the social responsibility of Sanyo Syoji and the most important issue in terms of our management.
1) As part of a recycling-oriented society we will improve pulverization and sorting technology, and to promote the preservation of the global environment we will endeavor to implement recycling systems that aim to Burn Nothing and Bury Nothing as we recover more resources from industrial waste.
2) As we understand that the first step to gaining the trust of customers is to protect the health and safety of workers, we will ensure high levels of occupational health and safety.
Basic Policy
1. We will introduce integrated management systems to cover both environmental aspects and occupational health and safety aspects in order to reduce the load on the environment through environmental preservation activities and reduce the risk of work-related accidents, while continuing to improve such systems and making efforts to prevent environmental contamination, injury and illness.
2. We will set environmental goals and targets and occupational health and safety targets and review both regularly.
  • (i) Improve the recycling rate.
  • (ii) Improve fuel efficiency during collection and transportation.
  • (iii) Improve power consumption efficiency during disassembly.
  • (iv) Prevent work-related accidents during collection and transportation.
  • (v) Prevent work-related accidents involving heavy machinery inside plants.
  • (vi) Prevent work-related accidents when carrying out recycling work.
  • (vii) Promote occupational health and safety.
3. We will comply with laws, regulations, and ordinances, etc., regarding the environment and occupational health and safety, as well as other requirements that the Company has agreed to.
4. In order to ensure harmonious existence with the local community we will ensure that products and work equipment are stored in an orderly manner on our own properties and at work sites, etc.
5. We will spread this policy to all of the people who are involved in the work of the Company, while carrying out activities in line with this policy for people outside of the company to see.