About Sanyo Syoji Co., Ltd.About Sanyo Syoji Co., Ltd.

  • Corporate Profile
    Corporate Profile
    Sanyo Syoji corporate profile and access maps, etc.MORE
  • President's Message
    President's Message
    Sanyo Syoji's president Y.Kawarabayashi talks about the company's activities and his attitude toward his work.MORE
  • Management Philosophy
    Management Philosophy
    The type of company that we as Sanyo Syoji aim to be.MORE
  • Company Creed
    Company Creed
    The management basis of Sanyo Syoji.MORE
  • Action Guidelines
    Action Guidelines
    The rules we live by at Sanyo Syoji.MORE
  • Corporate History
    Corporate History
    The history of Sanyo Syoji.MORE
  • List of Customers
    List of Customers
    Sanyo Syoji's customers.MORE
  • Financial Information
    Financial Information
    Balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the most recent two years.MORE
  • Industrial Waste Processing Business Information Disclosure
    Industrial Waste Processing Business Information Disclosure
    Information is disclosed through the WMF Industrial Waste Information Network Information Disclosure Support System.MORE