Industrial Waste Processing Business Information Disclosure

As a business operator that is verified to be in compliance with the standards required to be assessed an outstanding business by prefectural governments and designated cities, the Company has its reports filed with the Ministry of the Environment and information regarding the Company is available on the WMF Industrial Waste Information Network Information Disclosure Support System, which is an industrial waste information website run by the Japan Industrial Waste Management Foundation.

Name of Industrial Waste Processing Entity (name or company name):
Sanyo Syoji Co., Ltd.
Business No.:

WMF website

What is the significance of being listed on the WMF website?

WMF website

The outstanding assessment system for industrial waste processing businesses was commenced on April 1, 2005 by the Ministry of the Environment in accordance with a Ministerial Ordinance of the Ministry of the Environment.
The following three factors are the assessment criteria.

  • (1)Compliance: Has been engaged as a processor in the category under license for five (5) years or more and has been subject to no administrative discipline for the past five (5) years.
  • (2)Information Disclosure: Details of business operations, etc., are disclosed on the Internet for, as a rule, five years.
  • (3)Environmental Preservation Measures: Has obtained ISO14001 or Eco-Action 21 certification.

Under this assessment system, industrial waste processors in Japan can ask prefectural governors, etc., to verify that they are compliant with national assessment criteria at the time of license renewal, etc., and compliance status is recorded on their license.